Want to work with me?

I work on a range of taxa and ecosystems but am focused on problems that evaluate the success of conservation actions, to ensure conservation counts.  I expect a high standard of analytical rigour, and use decision science principles to underpin my research. I am currently working on coral reefs,  fisheries management, conservation planning, plastic pollution, deforestation policy, private land incentive schemes, cost-effective monitoring, social and ecological impacts of protected areas. Most of my work involves compiling and analyzing large datasets using statistical modelling and simulation, but I prefer students to have at least one field chapter.

I am very interested in supervising or co-supervising students whose projects focus on the following themes:

A. Protected Areas Science: Policy, Management, Implementation, Governance

B. Counting what counts: Understanding and predicting the impact of conservation policy and management actions

C. Ecology, monitoring, and management of threatened and data deficient species

D. Impact evaluation: Policy evaluation using quasi-experimental methods

E. Thresholds in ecological and management processes and responses

F. What makes conservation actions effective and why

G. Social-Ecological Systems: Synergies and tradeoffs in multi-objective management problems and complex social-ecological systems using a range of simple to complex approaches

On the other pages of this website, you can find existing projects that would suit undergraduate and masters students,  and interns. I can supervise funded students on existing project themes, or your own.

So you want to go to grad school?

Before you apply, a few things to think about – courtesy of Nick Dulvy and others:

1. You are entering grad school to get a degree.  How are you going to fund that degree? Have you applied for an Australian Postgraduate Award? Are you going to apply for one, or another fellowship? I can help with writing grants and applications, but cannot provide funding to cover your degree costs.
2. Do you have any experience of programming in R, python, or other open source platforms? Are you experienced with GitHub? I am especially keen to support students with programming experience.

3. Have you been travelling or worked overseas? I am always keen to hear from people with unusual career paths and experiences.

4. Are you an international professional ready to take the next step? I welcome excellent students with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Before you apply…. 
Read this essential blog post on Conservation Bytes by Prof Corey Bradshaw and this excellent article in the New York Times.

When you contact me….

  • Please send an unofficial transcript and a conversion to the Australian GPA scale.
  • Please describe what you are interested in and why.
  • Generic applications will be deleted.