Social Media for fisheries and beyond #SocialFish

Some folks at the American Fisheries Society symposium hosted a pretty great seminar today on Social Media in fisheries science. Following from distant Hawaii, and intrigued by the combination of the ocean, fish and social media – all things I am into, I tuned in, and found it so inspirational I wrote a storify


The lessons from the sessions apply to pretty much anyone in science so if you use, or are interested in using social media, definitely check it out! If you are just getting started, check out my twitter 101 guide on figshare to go from noob to #twitterati like these awesome folks in no time. You can also check out some top tips from myself and some FANTASTIC science communicator using  #3ttt – and if you are already on top of twitter as a #scicomm tool, do share your 3 top twitter tips – or #3ttt !

As always, you can connect with me on twitter @ultimatemegs




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