Outback Surveys 2015 – The Strezlecki Track

Surveying the Strez – no rain here, but you would be surprised how many birds are still around.

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in an awesome long term monitoring program co-ordinated my the Fuller Lab earlier this year. From July 1st to 20th we surveyed along the Birdsville Developmental Road, Cordillo Downs Road and Strezlecki track as part of a long-term survey of Nomadic and Outback Australian birds. It was a real milestone to have finally developed my ability to ID bird calls to the point where I could competently complete field surveys for Australian solo.

The trip was 2.5 weeks, 52 Surveys, 3 awesome people, a serious Antarctic vortex in the desert, no internet, thousands of birds,  including 11 new species for me! It also had wildflowers along the Strez after 180mm of rainfall along around 30km of the track and so many pied honeyeaters we were sick of them!

We were lucky enough to see a huge number of amazing wildflowers, so many pied honeyeaters we were sick of them, and 7 moonrises over the Central Southern Australian arid zone – one of the most amazing sights on earth. I can’t wait to do it all again!

Stay tuned for some amazing videos from our adventures edited by the wonderful Jasmine Lee soon.

Our amazing Survey team!
Our amazing Survey team! Jeremy Ringma, Megan Barnes, and Jasmine Lee

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