PhD Research Opportunity!

Litoria tyleri

PhD Opportunity: Evaluating management impacts on terrestrial fauna through acoustic monitoring

We seek an excellent PhD candidate to start work as soon as possible on acoustic monitoring of data deficient and threatened terrestrial species in Queensland. The focus will be on vocal species such as frogs and birds. The PhD will involve a mixture of fieldwork, analytical ecology, and conservation science research using a combination of existing and newly collected acoustic monitoring data. The candidate will have the opportunity to explore a variety of project options within this theme in collaboration with the supervisory team. Funding for equipment and some field research has been secured and will be available to support field research. Opportunities for collaboration with government agencies, local scientists from other universities focusing on acoustics, and international partners are available. The candidate will be based in the School of Biological Sciences (, and the Centre for Excellence in Environmental Decisions (CEED:, under the supervision of Berndt van Rensburg and Megan Barnes.

Litoria tyleriRequirements:

  • Have strong background in ecology/conservation science and preferably some background in statistics and/or mathematics (and using R).
  • Have fieldwork experience.
  • A good understanding of Australia’s amphibian and avian fauna (especially that of SEQ) will be desirable.
  • A demonstrated publication record (or having started) in the peer reviewed literature will be essential for international applicants to secure scholarships, and advantageous for domestic applicants.


  • International students: The candidate must be successful in attaining an APA or IAPA at the University of Queensland. An existing publication record in the peer reviewed scientific literature will be necessary for international candidates to be competitive and successful in their application.
  • Domestic students: Australian (and permanent resident) candidates will need to have achieved First Class Honours (or equivalent) and be successful in attaining an APA at the University of Queensland. Top-up scholarships may be available through the Centre for exceptional students.

Interested candidates should forward their CV including (a) clear academic transcripts and (b) list of peer reviewed (only) publications – this is compulsory for international applicants; two references; and a cover letter detailing your interest in the project to Megan Barnes and Berndt van Rensburg

Applicants will be considered until the position is filled.


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